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Recipe Kozinaki

Sesame 100 g
Liquid honey 500g
Walnuts peeled 250 g
Peeled hazelnuts 250 g
Powdered sugar 25g

Cooking recipe Kozinaki

Preparation time — 20 minutes + freezing
Calories — 289 kcal

Sesame fry in a dry frying pan without changing color.
In a saucepan pour the honey and cook until boiling.
Walnuts and hazelnuts crushed using a blender. Then add them to the honey and cook for 1 minute.
Enter in the walnut-honey mixture of powdered sugar and sesame. Remove the pan from the heat, put the nut on the weight of the table and roll out into the reservoir until it is hot.
Cut into squares or triangles, to fully harden.
Kozinaki (gozinaki) — New Georgian sweetness. To cook them without any problems, closely watch honey weight that it is not burnt, and to use the rolling soaked with water board and rolling pin. Roll out kozinaki need very quickly, until the mixture is hot.

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