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Limoncello and Crema di Limoncello

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After all, love of Italian cuisine takes over at my blog. From pasta, sandwiches and tiramisu to go strong drinks. Limoncello! Those most fragrant, the sun and the heady Italian liqueur!


Zest 5 lemons
90-95% alcohol — 500 ml
Mineral water (without gas) — 750 ml.
Sugar — 250 g (10 tbsp heaped)

I replaced at chacha (Georgian vodka), as well as the percentage was lower (75%), then simply put less of mineral water (600 ml). That is, if you, for example, will replace 40% of vodka, you will need approx. 315 ml. water 500 ml of vodka.

Lemons rinse well. Lemons better to take a fragrant, thick colorful zest. I do not hesitate to forbid you to use our Uzbek lemons, but I like the flavor and fell Turkish.

With the lemons, remove the zest (only the yellow part), it is difficult, but try to hit the white part as little as possible.

Transfer to a jar, cover with alcohol / Chacha / vodka and close the jar. Leave at room temperature for 5-6 days.

During this time, periodically shake the jar.

At 5 or 6 days, prepare syrup. Mineral water in an amount calculated based on the amount of percentage of alcohol (see notes to the ingredients), mixed with 250 g of sugar and place on a small fire until sugar is dissolved. The most important thing is not to bring the syrup to a boil, it should be a little hot, so it was bearable for fingers.

Ready syrup cool.

Strain through a sieve alcohol with zest, mix with syrup. And leave for a couple of days.

By the way, if at this stage instead of water, add milk and sugar, then we get Crema di Limoncello. For this heat in a saucepan with sugar milk until it dissolves. Do not boil! Remove from the heat and cool, combine citric and lactic part. Good mix.

Serve chilled or cold (directly from the freezer) glasses.

It is planned to do the same with oranges, but that’s another story.




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