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Lowest calorie liquor.

Cocktail apricot. 

Lowest calorie liquor. The main secret of the drink is that it should be drunk immediately after preparation. You can not keep it, even in the refrigerator. After all, if the milk with fruit acids is left for a while in the refrigerator, the oxidation process will begin. The milk will curdle. Another important point is the temperature of the milk, which should be cold. Then the cocktail will get better.

Lowest calorie liquor.


Apricot canned — 8 pcs.
Milk — 200 ml
Lemon juice — 40 ml
Apricot Juice — 60 ml
Natural yogurt — 200 g
Raspberry fresh — 20 g
Blueberries fresh — 20 g
Mint — 4 leaves

Apricots can be grinded arbitrarily, add milk, lemon and apricot juice, yogurt, all beat well in a blender.
Spread a cocktail over glasses, decorate with fresh berries of raspberries and blueberries, as well as mint leaves.


Lowest calorie liquor.

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