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Morning fruit salad and muesli

Morning fruit salad and muesli.

easy salad recipes

Here you have the usual set of products for breakfast, only with a slightly modified technique and proportions.

3 very ripe peach
4-5 ripe plums
a handful of black currant or blueberry
3 tbsp. l. baked muesli with honey
20-30 g walnuts
125 g of natural yoghurt or thick sour yogurt
1 tbsp. l. mashed with sugar, currants or blueberries
mint for decoration, if desired

Step by step recipe for cooking

Cut the peaches into quarters, remove the seeds, cut each quarter-even for 3-4 pieces, depending on size.

Plum cut in half, remove the seeds, cut the flesh into thin slices.

Walnuts finely chopped, leaving 1 nucleolus per serving for decoration.

Mix for filling yogurt with mashed berries. Pour into bowls berries and fruits, pour sauce, sprinkle with muesli and nuts, serve immediately, garnished with mint, if desired.



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