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Muffins fragrant

How to cook a recipe Muffins fragrant.

Ingredients for the recipe Muffins fragrant.
Preparation time — 50 minutes.
Calories 1 cake — 225 calories.
At 12 servings:
2 eggs,
Article 0.5. — sugar,
1 tbsp. l. — honey,
1 h. L. — Lemon zest,
a little cinnamon,
1 tbsp. l. — cognac,
250 gr. — mayonnaise,
1 tbsp. — Flour
1 h. L. — Baking powder,
butter for greasing of forms.

Cooking recipe Muffins fragrant.

First, I beat the eggs with sugar, add honey, then peel, least salt and cinnamon.
Pour in the brandy, put the remaining products (mayonnaise, flour, baking powder).
Knead the dough, I leave for half an hour.
Then laid out on the molds, they should be sure to grease.
Molds need to fill half the volume. Bake at t = 160o 30 minutes.

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Muffins fragrant

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