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Multi-colored meringue.

Multi-colored meringue.

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We will need these ingredients:

For basic meringues:
• 4 protein
• 225 g of finely crystalline sugar

Dyes and additives to choose from:
• Dark chocolate (melt for dipping)
• silver or color Powder for sweet baking
• roasted hazelnuts
• food colorings
• zest of orange or lemon
• cocoa powder
• grated chocolate
• 300 mlslivok cream (whip)

• frying sheets
• baking paper
• pastry bag with a medium nozzle-star

Cooking method:

How to cook the meringue:
1 Preheat the oven to 140 ° C. Shots two baking baking paper. In a large-capacity dry whisk whites in stable weight before the sharp vershinok. Pour half of the sugar and continue beating until the mixture becomes very thick. Pour the remaining sugar and whisk whisk to mix the brilliant protein mass.

2 Carefully fill the pastry bag weight, twist the ends and squeeze out a little sample meringues on baking paper.

Multi-colored meringue

3 Squeeze at a great distance from each other in a spiral meringue circles with a diameter of about 5 cm (make two or three turns, if desired) or rectangles length of about 7.5 cm. Bake 30 minutes at 140 ° C, then reduce the temperature to 120 ° C and dried for 30 minutes.

4 Gently remove the meringue from the paper and reload on the grid to cool.

Multi-colored meringue.

How to introduce dyes and flavorings:
5 Melt dark or milk chocolate in a water bath. Dip one meringue into the chocolate. Lay sideways on a sheet of baking paper to dry. If desired, the chocolate before this side can roll in colored sugar Topping or chopped roasted hazelnuts.

6 To make the colored meringue, meringue add a couple drops of dye, stir thoroughly, then lay out on a baking meringue pastry bag or spoon.

Multi-colored meringue..

7 citrus meringue meringue add a little orange peel or lemon juice and a few drops of orange or yellow dye, but not kneaded until homogeneous. Put the large circles on the paper on a baking sheet. For chocolate meringue, add 1 tbsp. l. cocoa powder and sprinkle with grated chocolate before baking.

8 Whip the cream, tint them or flavoring. Collect small meringues in pairs, their lubricating cream. Larger cakes may be submitted separately with whipped cream.

Multi-colored meringue...


Multi-colored meringue....

About the dish:

With 16 pieces:
Preparation time: 30 minutes
cooking time from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on the size
oven temperature: 140 ° C, then — 120 ° C

Bake the meringues plain or fold pairs cakes, brushing their delicious cream, decorate with bright, dip in chocolate or roll in breadcrumbs roasted nuts.

Sweet simplicity:
Homemade meringue rarely obtained pure white — usually, drying out in the oven, they acquire a beige shade that adds to their attractiveness, especially in combination with a delicious whipped cream. We offer sweets to file with ripe fresh berries or fruit salad.

Bright and tasty:
Thanks to properly chosen dyes and flavorings, as well as pastry pouch with a nozzle-star you can bake the meringue to the color scheme that matches the theme of the holiday, or your mood.

To the center of the meringue turned soft, before the final whisking gently add the protein mass for 1 hour. L. starch and 1 hour. l. white wine vinegar. To make the meringue striped need to squeeze food coloring streaks on the inner diameter of pure pastry bag and then put on a lot of frying sheets.

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