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Nut candy.

Nut candy.

Nut candy.

Candy home recipe. 

Nut candy.

For their preparation you will need:

150g of any chocolate;

podroblennogo 150g hazelnuts;
100g walnut waffles;
12 whole nuts hazelnuts;
200g chocolate paste or oil.

Important! These ingredients enough to cook 12 chocolates.
In addition to the material for sweets, prepare tools for easy operation:

bowl for making stuffing;
a flat plate;

Nut candy.

When you have prepared all the necessary start to work.

During cooking, stick a step by step instructions:

1. Take a deep bowl and chop it waffles.

2. Add the chopped nuts to them, and peanut butter. Good mix well. It should get a thick paste for the filling of our candies.

3. Place the bowl with the contents in the refrigerator until it solidifies.

4. When the filling is thickened, cream scoop serving spoon and roll it into a ball.

5. In the middle of each ball put a nut.

6. Finished balls spread out on a plate and send it back in the refrigerator.

7. Melt the chocolate in a water bath and dip in a mixture of brown each hardened balloon pre plant them on a toothpick.

8. Arrange the ready-candy on the grid to stack the excess chocolate, and its upper layer is gripped.

9. Place for the final hardening in the refrigerator.

Important! Optionally, you can roll in the walnut candy waffle chips. This will give them the appearance of lumps of snow.

Nut candy

Dried fruit and honey sweets: recipe

Dried fruit sweets are not only tasty, but also very healthy.

What to prepare:

Dried apricots — 150 gr. (use «Uzbek»)
Raisins — 100 gr. (sweet and light, pitted)
Prunes — 100 gr. (tight, elastic)
Walnut — 100 gr. (can be replaced with any other nut).
Powdered sugar — about 100 gr. (for crumbling)
Honey — 2-3 tbsp. (natural)
Butter — 1-3 tbsp. l (look at the consistency)

How to cook:

All dried fruits do not need to be soaked, they must maintain their density.
Finely chop the dried fruit with a knife and pour into one bowl
Chop the nut, add to the dried fruit
Microwave a few tbsp. l honey and butter
Pour dried fruits with liquid mass and form candy balls.
Roll the finished sweets in icing sugar or in nut crumbs.

Nut candy.



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