Oatmeal balls in glaze.

Oatmeal balls in glaze.

Why buy sweets if you can cook them at home? Yes, and make them much more useful! Today, let’s share a recipe for simple balls of oatmeal, dates and cashews. By the way, they can be eaten even by vegans.

Useful sweets from oat flakes, cashews and dates.

COOKING TIME: 30 minutes.
NUMBER OF PORTS: 4 servings.
CALORIUM: 180 kcal.

Flakes (oatmeal) ⅔ glasses;
Cashew ⅔ glass;
Dates of the glass;
Oil (coconut) 2 tbsp.;
Syrup 2 tbsp.

Oatmeal balls in glaze.

Mix oat flakes in a blender to a uniform texture, pre-soaked in cold water cashews and dates. Roll the balls and put them in the fridge so they are well frozen.

Prepare the glaze: mix coconut oil and syrup in a bowl.
Cool the cooled balls in the glaze and refrigerate for a few more minutes. That the glaze does not crack or crumble, store the balls in the refrigerator.


Oatmeal balls in glaze.


Jam from tangerines in the microwave.

Recipe for winter jam — tangerine. Bright in appearance and taste, but prepared in a matter of minutes!
Probably, many, like me, in the winter, on New Year’s holidays, buy a lick of mandarins, and if they are also given, sometimes sometimes a blockage of some kind! We must save …

The proceeds come from a recipe for making jam from tangerines in a microwave oven. The microwave cooking method is especially suitable for a small number of fruits and saves time on New Year’s days. I especially like mandarin jam for pancakes, as well as a layer in home cakes and rolls.

Prepare tangerines and sugar, or rather, sort out tangerines. Choose jammed for jam, unsympathetic for serving on the table, with signs that they will soon start to deteriorate, etc. They will go for cooking!


Mandarins — 8-9 pieces;
Sugar — 200-250 g;

Step-by-step recipe:

Without a peel of 8-9 mandarins will weigh about 400 grams, this amount needs 250 grams of sugar.

Peeled mandarins cut first in half — across the lobules, remove the bones and then cut the halves another 2-4 parts.

For cooking in a microwave pick up a high plastic «glass» (about 2 liters) or a high plastic or glass pan for a microwave.

Also suitable and some kind of glass jar, in which the ingredients will only reach the middle. Put the prepared tangerines in cookware and add the sugar.

The first stage of cooking, carry out on the mode: power — 600W, time — 4-5 minutes. Then stir!

The next stage of cooking on the mode: power — 600-750W, time — 4 minutes. A good amount of juice will be allocated.
Cut the mass with a blender.

The third stage of brewing jam from tangerines in a microwave oven on a mode: power — MAX or 900W for two minutes, i.e. the ground mass must boil.

If you want even more thick jam, then after about half an hour, repeat the brewing with MAX again.

Of this amount of ingredients, approximately 0.5 liters of mandarin jam will be obtained. Put the jam in sterile dishes and store it in the refrigerator.

Gem from mandarins spicy taste and strengthens New Year’s mood;) Enjoy a tea party!


Oatmeal balls in glaze.


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