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Oatmeal balls in glaze

Oatmeal balls in glaze

Why buy sweets if you can cook them at home? Yes, and make them much more useful! Today, let’s share a recipe for simple balls of oatmeal, dates and cashews. By the way, they can be eaten even by vegans.

Useful sweets from oat flakes, cashews and dates.

COOKING TIME: 30 minutes
NUMBER OF PORTS: 4 servings
CALORIUM: 180 kcal

Flakes (oatmeal) ⅔ glasses
Cashew ⅔ glass
Dates of the glass
Oil (coconut) 2 tbsp.
Syrup 2 tbsp.

Mix oat flakes in a blender to a uniform texture, pre-soaked in cold water cashews and dates. Roll the balls and put them in the fridge so they are well frozen.

Prepare the glaze: mix coconut oil and syrup in a bowl.
Cool the cooled balls in the glaze and refrigerate for a few more minutes. That the glaze does not crack or crumble, store the balls in the refrigerator.


Oatmeal balls in glaze


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