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Olivier with pear

Olivier with pear

healthy salad recipes

• 5 medium potato tubers wax varieties
• Small carrots — 2-3 pcs.
• 1 sturdy pear
• Canned peas — 100 g
• 150 g cooked smoked ham
• 3 green onions escape
• 100-150 g of mayonnaise
• Salt to taste
• Lemon juice — 2 tsp

Step by step recipe for cooking

Boil, without peeling potatoes and carrots until soft. Cool, peel and cut into cubes without mixing. The same cut diced ham. Lightly season with each ingredient mayonnaise.
Pear peel and cut the same way. Sprinkle with lemon juice.
Peas mash into coarse puree. Season with salt, pepper and remaining lemon juice.
Assemble the salad layers in the cooking ring.
The following sequence: pear, potatoes, ham, mashed peas, carrots. Lubricate the remaining mayonnaise. Sprinkle with chopped green onions.


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