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Orange peel in sugar.

Orange peel in sugar.

The orange peel I fell in love recently. I did not like her before. Because my grandmother was drying her and put her in the biscuits and jam, and it’s all terribly bitter. Bitter, because it has dried peel with white part. I found a brilliant recipe for summer harvesting peel.

«In Summer» it sounds funny, but in the summer in markets and supermarkets terrible oranges. So I suggest you to crystallize zest and give yourself the summer scent of winter oranges.

350 ml. bank:

Zest 1.5 — 2 kg. oranges

Sugar — 6 tbsp

Apart from that, I squeezed orange juice to the remainder of different recipes.

I clear the oranges I usually peeler.

Periodically adds new zest into the jar and pour sugar 1 tbsp And, of course, juice, if any.

Store in the refrigerator. Jar has not yet filled.

Stock up!




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