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Pancetta and prosciutto

Pancetta and prosciutto

dried pork meat

Pancetta (Italian pancetta, literally «breast.») — A kind of bacon, a typical meat product Italian cuisine. Pancetta is a piece of bacon from the pig breed bacon, cured in salt, spices and herbs. Depending on the region, using expressive flavor and aroma of spices, seasonings — peperoncini, paprika powder, thyme, rosemary and sage.

Prosciutto (Italian prosciutto, literally «ham.») — Italian jerked ham, made of ham and grated salt. The most famous kind of prosciutto — Parma ham (Prosciutto di Parma) does not contain any other ingredients, except for sea salt. In other regions of Italy use different spices (pepper, garlic and so on. D.). Prosciutto has a mild spicy flavor, the color pink, thin layers of fat and the fragile structure.

Almost a month ago I again ventured jerked. This time I picked up the correct cuts of pork and bacon is ham, each weighing about 0.5 kg. As I already wrote, jerked is wet and dry, in the first case, the meat is kept in salt water, and in the second, rubbed with salt and keep in a cool ventilated area. I went back the second option-adjusted home.

So here’s my list of products:
1) — pork brisket `~ 500g,
— A large salt — 2 tbsp with a slide,
— Pepper black pepper — 1 tbsp,
— Red hot pepper (powder) — 1 tsp,
— Peperoncini (hot pepper) — 1 pcs.
— Beans coriander — 1 tsp
— Laurel — 4-5 leaves,


2) — ~ 500g of pork ham
— A large salt — 2 des.l. without slides,
— Sugar — ½ tsp
— Mixture 5 peppers — teaspoon 1,
— Pepper pink peas — ½ tsp
— Dried basil — 1 tablespoon

I did both the delicacy at the same time. Meat good wash, dry and rubbed salt — bacon abundant than ham. Remember, salt must be necessarily large, better sea, but a stone or any other is ok, too important not to small. Small salt is absorbed too quickly, and meat as well) will turn salty outside, b) start too active selection of juice and pork, not having time to mature inside will begin to dry out.
. Read more … It is necessary to put the meat in a pan with a capacity for fluid flow, I just laid the two pieces and gave them to stand 40-45 minutes, and pork are actively let the juice:

Merge the juice, turn over the meat, cover with a towel and remove the waffle in the coldest place of the refrigerator. Every day overturn the brisket and pour out the juice from the pan. On the third day juice is almost over, we can move on. Both cuts are well washed, were dried and rub everyone the mixture of seasonings, spices, pre-frayed in a mortar. Let me explain. I wanted to make a little sharp little pancetta, and therefore, the course went to red peppers:

From ham-prosciutto me wishes the most delicate taste, so the course went Dried basil + sugar and peppers in a delicate dosage:
Both cut I wrapped in wafer clean towels (optional) and removed the cold. Withstanding my meat for another two weeks, with daily change of garments. In some strange way, in the cold season, wipes, towels inside the refrigerator quickly become wet, so in the heat of change of 1 every 2 days, in the cold — every day.

Here are the results of 18 days of curing:
Tasting demonstrated: a) to the extent of salt, b) all the spices in place (phew, thank God), c) the meat is cooked enough! Hmm. … Hence, the process of drying, aging should be continued. … Now, I did so — on the night took out the meat on a cold balcony for ventilation, and a day in the refrigerator cleaned. So quietly passed another week … Pancetta was totally and completely finished:

As conceived, salty pancetta and sharp little left. Prosciutto same was ready after 3 days, yet I worked with completely different parts of the carcass, this explains everything. Here is a gentle spicy ham, prosciutto I got:

To sum up: in the drying pancetta at home takes at least 24 days with a weight of 0.5 kg of meat cut. Prosciutto requires a minimum of 27 days for normal aging. But I want to see in big letters — is the minimum time !!! RESULT IN A WEEK will be even better! And two — brilliant!
Bon Appetit everyone!

pancetta prosciutto




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