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Pangasius cutlets.

Pangasius cutlets.

Pangasius cutlets are a delicious, hearty meal for a family meal. Suitable for lunch and dinner.

Pangasius is a very useful fish. It is the main ingredient in many dishes. It is fried, boiled, baked, cooked soups, kulebyaki and much more.

Today I want to tell you how to make pangasius cutlets. They turn out juicy and very tasty. As a rule, lard is added to fish patties so that they are not dry. But due to the fact that pangasius is a fatty fish, there is no fat in this recipe.

Using fish fillets for making meatballs. We will significantly reduce the time spent in the kitchen, because you do not have to choose small bones for hours. And this is a big plus.

Serve the pangasius cutlets hot with boiled rice, potatoes, fresh vegetables or greens. I recommend to try!

Prepare products for the recipe list.


Pangasius fillet — 400 g
Onion — 1 pc.
Chicken Egg — 1 pc.
Seasoning for fish — 0.5 tsp.
Salt — to taste
Black ground pepper — 1/4 tsp.
Semolina — 1.5 st.l.
Potatoes — 1 pc.
Vegetable oil for frying — 70 ml.

Step-by-step recipe:

Defrost pangasius fillets at room temperature. Then rinse thoroughly under running water. Drain and cut into pieces. Peeled onions, potatoes and fish mince.

Drive an egg. Add semolina, salt, black pepper and seasoning to fish.

The resulting stuffing mix thoroughly. Leave for 15 minutes to allow the semolina to swell.

Pour the vegetable oil into the pan and send it to a fire. Moisten hands in cold water. Form the patties of the desired size. Carefully put in hot oil.

Fry for 3-4 minutes on each side over moderate heat until golden brown. Using a wooden spatula, place the finished patties on a paper towel. This is to get rid of excess fat.

Delicious, juicy pangasius cutlets can be served. Enjoy your meal!


Pangasius cutlets.

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