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Panna cotta

Panna cotta


Milk — 70 ml;
fatty cream (at least 30%) — 100 g;
sugar — 100 g;
vanilla sugar — 1 package;
gelatin — 1 tablespoon.

How to cook?

1 . The gelatin should be mixed with milk and leave at room temperature for swelling.
2. Rub the sugar and cream over low heat bring to a boil, stirring constantly, to the sweet mass is not burnt. When the cream boils, you must carefully pour the milk into them with a dissolved gelatin and mix thoroughly. Boil milk jelly must be about a minute, until it begins to thicken, then pour into special molds or glass goblets.
3. Dessert should stand in a room for about two hours until it cools to room temperature. Then, the container must be covered with cling film (panna cotta is very easy to absorb odors from the refrigerator) and put to freeze at night.
4 . After 6-8 hours of film to shoot, decorate the dessert with fresh fruit or grated chocolate, any cream, marmalade or coconut.



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