This is a very simple dish to prepare, when I am painfully looking for the answer to the eternal question — «what to cook?» Or, when the refrigerator is empty and except canned food and there is nothing …

This paste is loved by all who have ever tried it), my son is ready to eat it every day)

So, we need:

A can of tuna in its own juice or oil (drain liquid!)
Bank of peeled tomatoes in tomato! (Everything goes with the fluid, together with the liquid))),
Olive oil 40-50 gr.
1 h / l capers
1-3 anchovies
5-7 pitted olives
Clove of garlic
1 onion (better shallot)
0.5 h / l spices for fish
Pasta «feathers» (300 grams for three)

We start to prepare:

Cut finely the garlic and onions, put them in a deep frying pan with heated olive oil, lightly brown, then put the crushed tomatoes, pour the juice from the can from the tomato — stew for 10-15 minutes.

Add 0.5 h / l sugar, a little! Salt, spices, continue to extinguish mines. 5. Then finely chop the anchovies of olives and capers and add to the sauce.

When the water boiled, and you abandoned the pasta, then you can add to the stewing mass and the contents of the tuna can).

Macaroni should be welded to al dente, i.e. Slightly undercooked. The sauce continues to stew until the pasta is ready. Then merge the water, and mix the pasta with the sauce, then immediately served on the table.
When there is, I decorate the dish with olives stuffed with tuna 2-3 pcs. Per serving. Bon Appetit!




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