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Pepparkakor glaze.

Pepparkakor glaze.

The name of this crispy products that love Swedes, means «pepper cookies.» Pepparkakor glaze. Cookies of different shapes, often in the form of men, flowers, hearts and animals, decorated with sugar icing. For the decoration of our products, we used silicone molds in the shape of a flower, colored confectionery paste and icing.

We will need these ingredients:

For the dough:

• 65 g butter (softened)
• 125 g of light brown sugar
• 3 tbsp. l. sour cream
• 3 tbsp. l. light syrup or a thick honey
• 1 1/2 hours. L. baking powder
• 1 1/2 hours. L. ground ginger
• 1/2 h. L. ground cinnamon
• 1 tbsp. l. cocoa powder
• 1/2 h. L. freshly ground black pepper
• 250 g flour

For decoration:

• confectionery paste or royal icing


• 2 baking trays lined with baking paper
• silicone cookie cutters
• Silicone pastry pen

Cooking method:

Pepparkakor glaze

How to cook the dough for cookies:

1. Spread the softened butter in a bowl. Parts Pour brown sugar and continue rubbing until a homogeneous cream. Add sour cream, syrup or honey and stir well.

2. Enter the baking powder, ground ginger, cinnamon, cocoa powder, and black pepper. Make a homogeneous mass. Sift about 225 g of flour, stir, gather and knead the dough until it becomes soft, but not sticky.

Pepparkakor glaze.

3. working board sprinkle a little flour and knead the dough on it until smooth, podsypaya flour if necessary. Wrap the dough with cling film and refrigerate for several hours, preferably overnight.

4. Spread the working surface of a sheet of edible film. Cut dough third place in the center and cover with the second film formation. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin into a thin layer between the layers of the film (the dough will not stick to the work surface, and do not fall apart).

Pepparkakor glaze..

Baking and decorating cookies:

5. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Remove the top layer of the food film and cut their cookie dough silicone molds of different sizes. If you are using the greatest shape, the middle of a pastry make the smallest molds. Put the workpiece on the trays, collect and roll dough scraps, prepare the next batch of cookies.

6. Bake 15 minutes products. Leave it for 10 minutes on baking sheets, then passed on to the bars to cool down completely.

Pepparkakor glaze...

7. Roll the paste. Molds of the same size or slightly smaller than the corresponding figures of cut. Slightly moisten the figures of mastic water and gently press down on a cookie or paste from the bottom icing. Ornaments from the mastic can be single or multi — different colors and smaller.

8. Fill the icing silicone pastry pen and make arbitrary figures of mastic.

Pepparkakor glaze.

About the dish:

At 25 units (approximately):
(Depending on the size of the molds).
Preparation time: 20 minutes (plus the time to decorate).
Cooling time: a few hours or overnight.
Preparation time: 15 minutes.
The temperature of the oven: 180°C.

How to tint paste and icing:

Now confectionery departments of large supermarkets and specialized stores you can find ready-made colored confectionery mastic, but it is better to buy a plain white and independently of its heyday. Cookies will look very impressive, if you decorate it with bright colors — we chose the pink, orange and yellow colors. Knead the white paste, add the paste food coloring if desired and knead on pripylennoy sugar board to dye evenly distributed in the mass. Paste dyes more concentrated than the liquid and powder, so add them slowly. The sugar (royal) glaze paste type dye, carefully rubbing weight after each addition until you achieve the desired shade.

How to decorate pepparkakor:

As you can see in the photo, we made cookies in bright colors. Cut out figures of mastic tinted using smaller molds and leave to dry on a crumpled plastic wrap, after drying glue droplets on the cookie icing. While the flowers of mastic is still soft, Draw details of petals to complete the top with icing sugar drops.


The amount of flour in the dough will depend on how long the dough in the refrigerator will lie and how the heat in the kitchen. The dough should be soft enough to its surface is uniform and smooth, without cracks, on the other hand — is quite dense and dry that it can be rolled and cut the workpiece.

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