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Perfect mulled wine.

Perfect mulled wine.

CALORIUM: 197 kcal.


Mandarin (Clementine — a hybrid of mandarin and orange) 2 pcs.;
Lemon 1 pc.;
Lime 1 pc.;
Wine (Chianti or other dry red wine) 1.5 liters;
Sugar (brown) 200 g;
Carnation 6 inflorescences;
Cinnamon 1 stick;
Bay leaf 3 leaves;
Anise 2 inflorescences;
Vanilla 1 pod;
Nuts (nutmeg) 1 pc.

Take a large saucepan and sugar it. Using a knife-cutter, peel the skin with wide strips of all citrus. Squeeze the mandarin juice (clementine) into the pan and put the peeled peel there. Add cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf, vanilla and grated nutmeg.

Pour the mixture with a small amount of wine, «covering» the sugar with a drink. Stir everything and put the pan on medium heat.
Heat the mixture until the sugar completely dissolves. Then increase the heat, bring to a boil and simmer for 4-5 minutes.

You should get a thick red syrup — it is very important to cook it separately: sugar and spices should warm up properly, but if you heat them with all the wine, the alcohol will evaporate.

Reduce the fire to a weak one. Add the anise and the remaining wine to the pan. Warm up another five minutes. Then remove from the plate and pour over the glasses.


Perfect mulled wine.


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