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Picking mushrooms

Picking mushrooms — cold way

mushroom recipes

Mushrooms (red, black and white mushrooms, freckles, russules) — 1 kg
Salt — 100 g
Currant — 10-12 leaves
Cherry — 5-6 leaves
Horseradish — 2 leaves
Dill — 2 umbrellas
Bay leaves — 2-3 pcs.
Peppercorns — to taste
Garlic — to taste

Groom, freckles, or russula wash and pour cold water for 5-6 hours (Redheads do not soak, but only washed). Pour a layer of salt on the bottom of a wooden or ceramic tableware, put half the currant leaves, cherries, horseradish and 1 dill umbrella. Lay the rows of mushrooms, sprinkling each layer with salt, pepper, garlic and bay leaf.

Place the remaining leaves on top, cover with a clean cloth, then with a cutting board or plate, and put down (after 1-2 days, the mushrooms settle and give juice.) If they release a little brine, the oppression should be increased). The cloth must be rinsed from time to time. Mushrooms will be ready in 30-40 days. After that, they must be rearranged to a cold place.


mushroom recipes

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