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Pirozhki sloenye with myasom.

Pirozhki sloenye with myasom.

Pirozhki sloenye with myasom.

For testa.

Pirozhki sloenye with myasom.

500 g of flour;
15 grams of yeast;
1 PC. egg;
1 glass of milk (you can water);
140 grams of oil;
1 tsp sugar;
salt — a pinch.

For filling.

500 grams of lamb meat (lean pork);
2 pcs. onion;
salt — to taste;
Pepper — to taste;
1 tbsp. l melted butter



To prepare puff pastry, simplified lighting options are used. Or buy the dough in the magazine is ready.

In a glass of milk I dissolve the yeast. Add some flour and sugar. Leave for 10-15 minutes before the formation of the cap.
To the main part of the flour I add a pinch of salt, an egg, 40 g of butter and a prepared yeast mass.

Knead the dough.

Roll the dough into a layer on one half. Spread evenly softened butter (100 g). I cover the second part of the test, turn the roll over, spin the helix.
Cover the dough with plastic wrap and put on the cold for 1-2 hours.

In the meantime I am preparing the stuffing. Mutton pulp skipped through a meat grinder or cut into very small pieces.
Bow cut into small cubes. In a hot frying pan with melted butter, fry, add onions, salt, pepper. I’m frying, make ready.

Do not mix the finished dough, roll it into the layer (0.5 cm thick), cut it into squares, sides 7-8 cm. I spread the cooled filling on the squares, fix the edge, form a triangular pie.

I spread the pies on a greased and disgusting and leave 1-1.5 per hour for the approach. I grease the pies with yolk and put them in a preheated 220-240 ° C oven.
I bake 10 minutes before the golden paint. Enjoy your meal!



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