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Pizza Kaprichoza.

Pizza Kaprichoza.

Pizza recipe at home in the oven.

Ingredients for 2 servings:

2 tomatoes
8 olives
100 gr. mushroom
120 gr. mozzarella
1 h. L. oregano
2 tbsp. l. olive oil

Recipe classic Italian pizza Kaprichoza with mushrooms and cheese — vegetarian and delicious option. Classic Italian Pizza Kaprichoza vegetarians and enjoy and just lovers of this cuisine. Excellent combination of mushrooms, olives under gentle mozzarella. Of course you can not be called easy pizza, despite the lack of meat is quite high in calories. Making pizza dough yourself, you will not regret it, especially if you freeze the dough — you can make any pizza pretty quickly.

Cooking method
1.Prigotovit pizza dough. Baking sprinkle with flour. Roll out the dough about 30 cm in diameter and put on a baking sheet. The Italians believe that the need to knead the dough and stretch your hands and not a rolling pin to roll out — try to do so.
2.Pomidory fill for 1 minute. boiling water. Then, the tomatoes must be cleaned from the skin, cut crosswise, remove seeds. The pulp of tomatoes and mozzarella into cubes.
3.Olivki and olives can be cut in half.
4.Nebolshie mushrooms cut into 4 pieces.
5.Duhovku heated to 230 ° C. Pierce dough with a fork.
6.Olivkovoe oil mixed with oregano.
7.Ravnomerno the dough out onto a tomato, then olives and mushrooms, mozzarella, sprinkle with olive oil and oregano. You can add salt and pepper. Bake 15 minutes in preheated oven.


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