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Pizza «Sun»

Pizza «Sun» with trout and potatoes

breakfast pizza


Pizza dough:
Wheat Flour — 500 g
Water — 300 ml
Dry fast-acting yeast — 1,5 tsp.
Olive oil — 3 tbsp.
Salt — 2 tsp. (Without top)
Sugar — 1 tbsp.

Fresh trout — 250 g
Mozzarella — 100 g
Potatoes — 6 pcs. (Small)
Capers — 1.5 tablespoons.
Red onions — 1 pc.
Salt — to taste
Black pepper powder — to taste

Olive oil — 1 tsp.

Cooking process

Most people believe that the country of origin of the pizza is Italy, but it is not. The first semblance of pizza appeared in Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. There were baked flat cakes of coarse flour, which served both as food and a plate, on which vegetables, meat, olives were laid.

Now pizza is very popular, there are many options for its preparation.

I propose to make pizza with trout and boiled potatoes, the idea of which I found on the Bulgarian culinary site. From this amount of ingredients, 2 pizzas with a diameter of 32 cm are obtained.

I’m preparing the food on the list. First I prepare the dough. In warm water I add olive oil, salt and sugar.
I sift the flour, mix it with dry yeast, add it to a bowl of water.
Thoroughly knead dough, which should not stick to your hands. I cover the dough and leave it for lifting.
Then I prepare the filling. I peel the potatoes, wash it, cut it into thin slices, spread it into a pan.
I pour the sliced potatoes with water, a little salt, on the stove I bring it to a boil, I take out the fire and cook for about 5 minutes. I merge the water.
Fresh trout cut into fillets and cut into thin slices. Spread the slices on a dish, a little salt.
Red onion cut into circles.

When the dough increases in volume by 2-3 times, I shift it to the table.
The dough is divided into 2 parts. Each part of the dough is rolled into a circle (I rolled out to the size of my round shape — 32 cm).

I shift the dough to an oiled form. I cut the pizza knife, as in the photo.
Spread on each circle of the dough for ½ of potato, on top — about ½ of the trout.
Then spread the circles of red onions and capers.
I sprinkle with mozzarella, black pepper to taste.

Put the mozzarella. Then connect the dough in the form of pockets.
The inner triangles of the dough wrap on the filling.
I put the pizza and give it to her (about 15 minutes).
In order for the inner triangles of the dough not to unbend, I folded the parchment folded into several layers, gently put it into the middle of the pizza before baking. I bake pizza in a preheated 220 degree oven for about 20 minutes.
Pizza «Sun» with trout and potatoes is ready!



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