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potato pancakes

Rösti (potato pancakes).

healthy pancakes

Americans call it a «hash brown», Spanish — «tortilla de potatos», we often pancakes, and here in Switzerland are fritters called «Rösti». That’s multinational dish wonder sung: «Probably the potatoes we all respect.»

Some recipes of potato pancakes, whatever you call them both, we present below, but will start with Rösti. Because this is probably the easiest option. Indeed, they can even cook one who is the first time in my life stood up to the plate. Most often, to Rösti served fried smoked sausage, or as they are called in Switzerland, sausage. Sausages fry, I hope, certainly anyone could. Although it should be noted in fairness that there is a much more complex recipes Rösti: boiled potatoes with cheese, bacon and thyme, etc…


1 PC. — Small potato tuber for making a Rösti
vegetable oil
smoked sausages
onions, mushrooms, parsley (optional)
freshly ground black pepper salt.


Potatoes clean and rub on a coarse grater, allowing to obtain a long straw (incidentally, this is perhaps the main difference from the recipe below, where potatoes, on the contrary, rub on a small «barbed» grater).
In a large cast-iron flat pan, pour vegetable oil and warm up to such an extent that when the potato is lowered into it, it started to be immediately shkvorchat.
Big scoop spoon grated potato, put in a pan and crush flat spatula.
The more will be able to press, the better. When the potato strips to grab each other to hook thin metal cake spatula and turn over to the other side.
Again presses the scapula to the hot surface of the pan and wait for the whole potato is completely fry thoroughly.
This can be judged by the color change.
Season with salt and pepper ready Rösti, or raw potato juice can give, and we have nothing.
Note that we did not use any binders: no flour or eggs.
If all the right thing to do, then potatoes, rich in starch, the very «stick together» and will hold the shape.
Fold finished Rösti on a warm plate and sprinkle with herbs.
In the same pan fry the sausage, onion and finely chopped mushrooms. Looking at the photo on the right, and I want to offer a good pint of lager, but, alas, Rösti traditionally served for breakfast.
And what a morning beer?

Rösti (potato pancakes)


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