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Preparation macaroon.

Preparation marakun.

Preparation macaroon.

Preparation macaroon. Simpler than the famous French almond cakes, the macaroon, nice crispy outside and soft inside, like the sweet tooth at least. 

We will need these ingredients:

2 protein,

1/2 h. L. vanilla extract,

125 g ground almonds,

175 g of finely crystalline sugar,

1 hour. L. flour,

For decoration:

almond halves.


2 baking,
edible rice paper trays.

Preparation macaroon.

Cooking method:

1 Preheat the oven to 180 «C. Fold the whites into a small bowl, pour in the vanilla extract. Slightly loose plugs. Let the mixture stand for a minute, then stir with a fork again.

2 Mix until a homogeneous mixture of ground almonds (see. «Hint» on the left), fine sugar and flour.

Preparation macaroon

Preparation macaroon.

3 Pour disorderly proteins in a mixture of ground almonds and stir with a fork in a homogeneous thick paste.

4 With the help of two teaspoons lay neat hills lined with almond paste on rice paper trays at a sufficient distance from each other.

5 Put half an almond into the center of each macaroon. Bake cookies for about 20 minutes — it is good will rise and become golden. Cool on a wire rack, then break off the cakes from the rest of the sheet of rice paper, leaving a circle on the bottom of the cake untouched.

Preparation macaroon.

Preparation macaroon.

About the dish:

On 24-28 pieces:
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Preparation time: 20 minutes
The temperature of the oven: 180 ° C

Ground almonds can be bought off the shelf, but it is better on their own to grind blanched almonds in a blender cup. Note that almonds be ground very finely, as otherwise macaroon not rise up and be solid. See. For more information about how to work with almonds. See. For more information about how to work with almonds.

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