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Punch — a whole galaxy of drinks containing fruit or fruit juice. Punch. Served traditionally punch at parties in the big wide bowls, floating in them fruit pieces. The drink was brought from India to England at the beginning of the XVII century and has spread to Europe. Stamp poured by the glass directly from the fruit pieces — is very impressive. But be careful: you can quickly get drunk. If you have planned a cute evening surrounded by friends, the punch will be just right.


Dry white wine — 750 ml.
Champagne — 500 ml *.
Oranges — 2 pcs.
Pineapple, diced — 1 tbsp. (250 mL).
Lemon — 1 pc.
Sugar — 3 tbsp
* Champagne can be used the whole bottle (750 ml.) — Any difference in the taste I have not noticed. All the more so «magic potion» to get more :-)))

Champagne and wine should be clear beforehand in the refrigerator.

Oranges cut into polukruzhki not very subtle.

Pineapple cut into cubes. Fruit mix, add sugar, pour the juice of one lemon.

Harvesting in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

After pour chilled fruit wine and champagne.

Pour into glasses with fruit pieces.

Well you have fun!



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