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Quick dessert recipes.

Cake «Poleno» from puff pastry with condensed milk.

Quick dessert recipes.

Easy to prepare popular puff cake that will help you out if there is not enough free time. Quick dessert recipes.

Cake «Poleno» from puff pastry is quite a popular dessert. He is one of those that the beginner mistress will easily prepare. Time for its preparation will take a little. The puff pastry is cut into strips, baked. It remains only to lubricate them with cream, collect in the form of a log and let stand in the cold.

Quick dessert recipes.

To prepare this cake, you can use both an oil cream, and a custard or sour cream. For oil cream use either conventional condensed milk with sugar, or cooked. In the cream, you can add nuts or pieces of fruit.

Quick dessert recipes.


Puff pastry without yeast — 500 g
Butter — 350 g
Condensed milk with sugar — 250 g
Cognac — 1 tbsp.
Vegetable oil — 1 tsp.
Flour wheaten — 1-2 tablespoons.

So, to prepare a cake «Poleno» from a puff pastry with condensed milk I take the food under the list. It is important that the condensed milk and butter are at room temperature, and the frozen puff pastry should lie at room temperature for 40-60 minutes.

Sprinkle flour on the desk and dough. Roll the dough thickness of 0.5-0.4 cm.
Using a pizza knife, cut the dough into strips 1-1.5 cm wide. The length of the cake depends on the length of the strips. It is important that the test strips fit on a baking sheet.

I cover the tray with vegetable oil, I spread on it stripes of dough, retreating from each other. I have all the stripes for one baking sheet not fit, I baked the blanks on two baking trays. I bake strips in the oven, heated to 220 degrees, until golden brown. I shift the blanks from the baking tray, letting them cool completely.

Then I prepare a cream. Butter a little beat the mixer.
I add the condensed milk with sugar and cognac (if the cake will be eaten by children, then I do not add cognac).
I add the condensed milk with sugar and cognac (if the cake will be eaten by children, then I do not add cognac).

I beat the cream to a lush, homogeneous mass.
I put 4-5 more fried dough strips for decoration at the end of cooking. On the table I spread the food film in two layers. On the film I put a few tablespoons of cream, distribute the length of the cake and the width of 6 strips. On the cream spread 5-6 strips of dough.

From above on strips of the dough I put a cream, I distribute with the help a knife or a spoon. So I collect the cake, until I use all the billets from the dough (except 4-5 pending). Cream cover the sides of the cake. I fold the cake with a film, shaping the log. I squeeze the cake with my hands a little, so that there are no voids. Then twist the ends of the film well. I put the cake in the refrigerator for about 12 hours.

I grind the dough strips into the crumb. I remove the film from the cake, I shift it to a dish. I press my hands crumbs. From the warmth of the hands, crumbs are attached to the slightly thawed top layer of the cream. If desired, the cake can be decorated with chocolate, fruit or cream. Cake «Poleno» from puff pastry with condensed milk is ready! Enjoy your tea!


Quick dessert recipes.

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