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Raspberry marmalade

Dessert: Raspberry marmalade

#Dessert recipes with photos simple and delicious
#Recipes with photos simple and delicious

To make raspberry jelly with red currant we need these ingredients:
• 500 grams of red currant
• 500g raspberries
• 900 g of sugar
• Citric acid powder — a pinch

Cooking method:
Raspberries and currants to loop, wash, put in a saucepan and zaley water so that it only covered berries. If the berries are frozen, then they need to pre-defrost. Put on fire and boil until tender.

Cast away on a fine sieve and rub. Put a thick juice to slow fire and boiled down by half.

Add sugar, citric acid and boil continuously removing the foam, 35-40 minutes. Pour into a flat shape and leave to stand overnight at room temperature.

Cut into uniform blocks, each roll in sugar, if desired.

About the dish:
Lean characterized in sweetness, which is mainly made of fruits and is therefore very useful. These sweets will not cause much harm to your figure.

Raspberry marmalade

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