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Recipe stuffed pike.

Recipe stuffed pike.

Pike stuffed in the oven recipes

We will need these ingredients:

• Pike — 1pc
• Egg — 1 piece
• Pork — 250g
• Carrots — 1 pc
• Lemon — 1 pc
• Onions — 1 piece
• Potatoes — 1pc
• Milk — 100ml
• Butter White loaf — 1pc
• Salt, pepper, herbs, vegetable oil to taste

How to prepare, how to prepare:
Pike carefully inspect for damage and properly mine. We clear the fish on the scales and separate head, after making incisions around her. She must move with the giblets. The last throw, and head handle — cut out the fins and the gills, thoroughly washed.

Carefully cut off the top and bottom fins of fish, so that the skin is not damaged. Now, from the severed head, separate the skin from the meat, which can be done with a fork or a knife, but it is more convenient hands. The skin should go along the pike body like a stocking. Her contractible to tail, along with him, and cut off. The pulp remaining on the skin, cleans, and she was wrenched to the original position. Further, conventional needle and thread to sew up the stitches a place where there were fins. This skin — the key to the beauty of a dish on the table.

Pork cut into pieces and scroll in a meat grinder, along with fish fillet, one boiled potato and carrot, bread soaked in milk, herbs. In the resulting mince trying to drive an egg, salt, pepper, and mix well by hand. To give softness, beef can once again scroll through a meat grinder.

On the table decompose wax paper, evenly rub the oil on it or you can apply foil. In prepared by stocking of pike skins start to lay the stuffing, but that it does not stick to hands, they should be moistened with water. Firmly it is not necessary to score, because in this case there is a risk that the skin during baking burst. Do not worry, it will beef — from it we can make great burgers — like that of stuffed pike recipe came another! Fish body smoothes hands to give it a believable look, and are putting it to his head. Now wrap the pike in paper and laid on a baking sheet, also covered with wax paper. Put the baking sheet in a preheated 180 degree oven.

Preparing fish from thirty minutes to an hour — depending on its size. It can redden itself but to exactly it happened, for 10 minutes until cooked, you can deploy on top of the paper and anoint pike with butter. We get stuffed pike from the oven, cool, we took out paper, remove threads and cut at an angle of 30 degrees apart from the tail to the head. Take a plate, it is carpeted lettuce, and laid on top of pieces of fish, alternating with half slices of lemon. Olives spread on lettuce leaves. Because tomatoes do rosettes and place it in the middle. On top of the fish figured squeezing mayonnaise. Our stuffed pike ready!

About the dish:
Tasty cooked stuffed pike, make a splash among sitting at the table. This dish is not only rich and impressive looks, but also incredibly tasty. Treat your loved ones a wonderful holiday stuffed pike!



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