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recipes baking

Cheesecakes with boiled condensed milk

recipes baking


Cottage cheese — 500 g
Semolina — 6-8 tbsp. L.
Sugar — 2-3 tbsp. L.

For filling:
Boiled condensed milk
Flour (for breading)
Vegetable oil (for frying)

Cooking process

A little bit about cheese cakes: syrniki is a dish made from cottage cheese. The cheesecakes are cooked quite simply and quickly, they turn out to be nutritious and nutritious, that’s why they are perfect for breakfast. The flight of imagination in the preparation of filling for syrnikov — is great. Cheesecakes can be prepared with raisins and chocolate, with fresh fruits or dried fruits, and even inside the cheese cake, you can hide a surprise in the form of thick jam or boiled condensed milk. Glad your family with delicious, ruddy cheesecakes with boiled condensed milk.

Cottage cheese curd is better to take fatter, for example 9%. I make cheese cakes with the addition of semolina, but if desired, you can replace the mango with flour. Curd also try to take a home, it’s fatter, and not as dry as a store. If you have cottage cheese dry, you can add an egg.

So, syrniki with boiled condensed milk …
Carefully knead the curd mass. It will turn out soft and slightly sticky to the hands. Do not score the curd mass with flour, otherwise we will get hard cheese cakes, and we want to get an airy delicacy.

Form a cake from the curd mass, put 1 teaspoon of boiled condensed milk into the middle of the cake.

Combine in a deep bowl of cottage cheese, mango and sugar.
Carefully collect the curd mass around the filling in the form of a bag, and then form a round cheese cake. Roll the cheese cakes in flour. That’s such a neat little cheese cake I got.

Pour a little vegetable oil into the frying pan. Put the resulting syrniki in a frying pan.
Fry the curd cakes with boiled condensed milk from two sides to a golden crust.
Serve syrniki with heat and heat. Such cheese cakes do not require supplementation in the form of sour cream. Bon Appetit!



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