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Royal icing

Royal icing

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At 450 g of royal icing, we need these ingredients:
• 2 protein
• 450-500 g of powdered sugar (sifted)
• a pair of drops of glycerin
• 1 hour. L. lemon juice (optional)
• food coloring (optional)

For the cake with a diameter of 25 cm cook 900g royal icing

Cooking method:
1 First, wrap the cake with marzipan layer, uniformly smooth scraper to get the perfect smooth base.
2 For the glaze mix 1 protein with 3 tbsp. l. sieved powdered sugar and 2 drops of glycerin. Then, enter the remaining half of the powder and continue rubbing until a smooth dough, adding more sugar if necessary. Do not overdo it, otherwise there will be bubbles in the glaze. The first layer should be very thick — when picked up corolla from a bowl on the glaze must remain sharp vershinki. Add at this point, if you will, lemon juice and color.

Royal icing.

3-knife spatula apply a thick layer of cake on top of the glaze. To layer turned out perfectly flat, smooth and clear, walk across the surface of a long knife and metal ruler.
4 Apply a thick layer of icing on the cake side, flatten and allow to cool. It may take a few hours, you can leave at night.

5 For the second layer, prepare a liquid glaze, add glycerol is not necessary, since the glaze should be thick after curing. Scraper to make the glaze wavy patterns and leave to harden. Put on a cake from pastry bag decoration of a thick glaze and decorated it with ribbons and decorative Topping.

Royal icing

About the dish:

Yield: 1 pie diameter of 20.5 cm

Royal icing — one of the best options for decorating cakes and other pastries. During operation, the dishes need to be covered with a glaze so that it does not dry.

Traditionally, royal icing was prepared from the proteins of fresh eggs. Today, given the risks to babies, pregnant women and the elderly, many people prefer to work with the egg white powder. The contents of one sachet of protein powder equivalent to 2 fresh proteins. Prepare a powdered protein according to package directions.

Glycerin will not glaze cemented in stone, so add a couple of drops in weight for the first layer.
In a second layer of liquid glycerol is not necessary.

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