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Salad from watermelon.

Salad from watermelon, cucumbers and feta cheese.

Salad from watermelon. Recipes for salads.


Cheese «Feta» / Bulgarian brynza — 200-250 g
Watermelon (flesh) — 200-300 g
Cucumber — 200-300 g
Ground black pepper — to taste
Fresh greens — for decoration
Olive oil — to taste
Balsamic vinegar — to taste.

Salad from watermelon.

Cooking process:

While the watermelon season is in full swing, I propose to include it in the diet to the maximum! Recently shared with you a recipe for a soup of watermelon, and today I want to share a simple, but spectacular version of a salad. Let’s prepare a bright and tasty salad of watermelon, cucumbers and feta cheese!

Salad from watermelon.

I admit, this salad is one of my favorite summer dishes, which can be cooked in a hurry. Only three basic components, five minutes for cooking, and the result will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of delicious food!
The juicy contrast of the sweet pulp of watermelon and salted cheese is undoubtedly good already and by itself, but when delicately shaded by the juicy pulp of the cucumber — it’s just an explosion of taste and freshness! Try it!

Salad from watermelon.

Prepare the ingredients. Watermelon, cucumbers and cheese pre-cool. Very salted Bulgarian feta cheese soak in cold water 0.5-3 hours, to an acceptable to your taste degree of salinity.

Slice the cheese, the pulp of watermelon and cucumber with the same cubes in size. At me slices — approximately 2 on 2 centimeters.

Then you could just mix the components of the salad, but instead let’s turn it into an edible «Rubik’s Cube»!

Alternating the components, lay the pieces in the shape of a square, forming the base of the lettuce.

Then add another layer, placing the pieces so that the outer row of components forms a pattern.

Add the final salad layer by placing the ingredients in the desired order or as shown in the photo.

Sprinkle the salad with olive oil, sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper.

Salad from watermelon, cucumbers and feta cheese is ready! If desired, decorate the salad with a pinch of fresh herbs, sprinkle with balsamic vinegar and serve to the table.


Fruit salad.

This combination of components can also be turned into a snack. Simply cut the pulp of the watermelon with a curly shape (I have a star shaped biscuit mold). Cucumber and cheese finely chop, mix and put in small portions on pieces of watermelon. Sprinkle the appetizer with olive oil (you can also balsamic vinegar), sprinkle with pepper and serve to the table.


Fruit salad..

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