Salad Vinaigrette sea.

Salad Vinaigrette sea.

Good salad recipes.


Sea kale marinated — 200 g
Sauerkraut — 100 g
Pickled cucumber — 1 piece.
Beetroot (large) — 1 piece.
Potatoes — 2 pcs.
Bulb — 1 pc.
Canned green peas — 150 g
Vegetable oil — 3 tbsp. l.
Salt to taste.

Salad Vinaigrette sea.

Beets and potatoes to boil, put in cold water. After 15 minutes, peel and cut into cubes. Cucumber cut into small cubes. Sauerkraut chop, onion cut into small cubes. In bowl for mixing put beets and pour it with oil, hold for 2 minutes. Then add all the other vegetables and sea kale, stir.

Salad "Vinaigrette sea".


Recipe for salad with Korean carrots and croutons and sausage and corn.

I want to offer you a culinary recipe for a delicious salad. It is prepared using Korean carrots, corn, sausage and crackers. The recipe for a salad is very simple and does not require too much time. And to make a salad, we will need the most common and affordable products. Now let’s look at how to prepare a salad with Korean carrots and croutons and sausage and corn …


To prepare salad lettuce we will use the following set of necessary products:

• Corn (canned) — 1 can
• Korean carrots — 200 gr.
• Sausage (boiled) — 150 gr.
• Eggs — 4 pcs.
• Crackers (white) — 2 sachets
• Bulb (medium) — 1 pc.
• Mayonnaise to taste

How to prepare a salad with Korean carrots:

1. First, boil hard boiled eggs.

2. Then, while the eggs are boiled, peel the onion, chop it very finely and scald it with steep boiling water.

3. Let the eggs cool, clean and cut into small cubes.

4. Sausage should also be crumbled in a similar way.

5. The next step is to lay out sausage, carrots, eggs, corn and onions on the dish, and fill the mayonnaise with the center.

6. After that, add Korean carrots and mix (preferably before serving) and then top with sprinkled croutons and if desired, decorate with dill.

Now our salad with Korean carrots and croutons and sausage and corn is completely ready!
I want to wish everyone a pleasant appetite.


Salad "Vinaigrette sea".


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