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Salad with eggplant in the winter.

Spicy salad of eggplant in the winter and pepper.


On 4 jars 0.5 liters:
Eggplant — 2 kg
Vegetable oil — 1 cup
Bulgarian pepper — 1 kg
Garlic — 2 heads
Parsley — 1 bunch
Dill — 1 bunch
Peppers — 1-2 pieces.
Salt — Article 1.5. spoons
For the brine:
Water — 1.2 L
Salt — 2 tbsp. spoons
vinegar — 4 tablespoons. spoons

Eggplant wash, peel, cut into cubes.
Season with salt, stir and leave for 30 min.Zatem squeeze the juice.
Put the eggplant in a deep bowl, add the butter and fry. Fry the eggplant should be on high heat, stirring occasionally, until golden brown (7-10 minutes)
Wash peppers, remove seeds, chop finely.
Garlic clean, dill nashinkovat.Zelen parsley narezat.Zelen narezat.Takzhe bitter chop peppers.
All separately chop and stir, leave in different bowls.
Cooled eggplant stacked layers with seasoning in an enamel bowl.
Prepare the brine — in hot boiled water to dissolve the salt. Add the vinegar.
Pour the brine and put under pressure. Leave on for 20 hours (maximum).
Banks wash and dry in the oven.
Remove yoke. Then all peremeshat.Slozhit into prepared jars and sterilized in boiling water for 20 minutes. Then the eggplant a la mushrooms roll.

Bon Appetit!


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