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Salad with salmon and orange

Salad with salmon and orange «Dreams of Andalusia»

Salad with salmon and orange

From salmon and orange it turns out very juicy with a sweet-salty taste.

We will need these ingredients:
• Leeks — 1 stalk,
• onion — 1 head,
• fillet of smoked salmon — 150-200 g,
• Orange — 3 units.
• shelled walnuts — 50 g,
• sour cream (15-20%) — 2-3 tbsp. l.,
• light mayonnaise — 50 g,
• semi-dry sherry — 1 tbsp. l.,
• orange juice — 2 tbsp. l.,
• salt and ground black pepper to taste.

Salad with salmon and orange

Cooking method:

1 Leek wash, dry and cut into thin rings. The thinner the sliced leeks, better connect the other components of the salad. Onion peel and finely chop. To the onions are not bitter, you can fill it for some time with ice water, and then squeeze. Add both types of onions in the salad bowl.
2 oranges peel and disassemble into slices. Clear pulp from plenochek, remove seeds if necessary. The flesh is orange cut into small pieces and add to the onions in a salad bowl. From 2-3 cloves squeeze the juice and pour it into a separate container. For orange juice, add sour cream, mayonnaise and sherry. All carefully grind, season with salt and pepper to taste and give a little brew. Instead of sherry you can use any dry or semi-dry wine, as long as it was nekreplenoe.
3 Salmon fillet cut into thin strips. Fish can also be replaced by any other, starting on your preference. Send fish slices in a salad bowl, mix with other ingredients.
4 Walnuts need to grind: they can be chopped with a sharp knife, promolot in a coffee grinder or use a blender (food processor). Connect the nuts with the rest of the salad. Fill the dish prepared sauce and mix everything properly.

By the way:
To remove the remaining small bones from fish fillets, use a pair of tweezers.


Salad with salmon and orange

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