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Salat is korolevski.

How to cook the recipe, «Salat is korolevski.»

Salat is korolevski.


Salat is korolevski.

7 pcs. crab sticks,
1 orange,
4 things. eggs,
1-2 cloves of garlic,
100 grams of canned corn,
100 grams of mayonnaise,

Instructions: Salat is korolevski.

Cooking recipe «salad for a king»

1. Preparation products. Crab sticks are thawed. Eggs cook 5 minutes.

2. Eggs purify and diced, crab sticks cut crosswise, the slices should be small.

3. Garlic is cleaned and finely hack the knife.

4. Orange peeled and assort into slices. Each slice is purified from the film, cut.

5. All products are combined, add mayonnaise and akkuratno peremeshivayu. Priyatnogo appetita!

Salat is korolevski.

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