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Salmon steak in the oven.

Salmon steak in the oven.

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Salmon steak — 2 pcs.
Olive oil — 2 tbsp
Rosemary — 1 sprig
Fennel — 1 pc.
A mixture of spices for fish — 10 g
Salt — to taste
Terragon — 5 g
A mixture of peppers — 5 g
Lemon — 0.5 pc.


Fish — useful, often low-calorie meals with lots of nutrients and good taste. If you are a lover of fish, as I do, I suggest you cook salmon steak in the oven. It is often used to prepare lunch or dinner, there is not too much time, salmon steak in the oven will fit you as a full main course, if you add vegetables to fish during roasting.

So, first things first. I was faced with the fact that wild salmon is not very beautiful pink color, which we used to see in the stores. And I learned that the best vegetable side dish for fish can be fennel. Today, I just suggest you cook salmon steak in the oven (baked in foil), adding fennel as a side dish.

Prepare all the products on the list. If you have a crude salmon, it is necessary to clean the rind from the scales. Steak should not be too thick, 2-3 cm will be just right.

First of all, we shall cut thin strips of fennel tuber. Green part can also be used.

I prefer to always marinate fish before baking, so it turns out much more fragrant.

Prepare the marinade. To do this, mix the spice mixture for fish, terragon, rosemary leaves and a mixture of peppers. Add salt, olive oil and lemon juice. Stir well the marinade.

Carefully all sides obmazh salmon steak marinade and leave it to marinate for 20-30 minutes.

Most of all, I bake fish in foil, and it also serves to the table. From foil to make a small bumpers and leave one end of the foil free. Polem bottom of the form of foil with olive oil and lay out the fennel. AMBASSADOR it and add pepper.

On top of the fennel Put the salmon steak, add the cherry tomatoes — if desired, pour the remaining marinade over the steak.

Close the shape and form of the remaining foil package with closed edges. We are doing so with each serving of steak. Then each such package lay on a baking sheet and send in a preheated 170 ° C oven for 20 minutes. Then open the top of the package and include the «Grill» in the oven, giving the fish a little browned.

Baked in foil in the oven salmon steak served at the table in batches, laying it on the fragrant and juicy garnish of fennel.




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