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Salting tomatoes cold-bank.

Salting tomatoes cold-bank.

Salting tomatoes cold-bank.

Salting tomatoes cold-bank. This is — the most simple method of cold pickling tomatoes, which allows you not to spend too much time in the brine boil. Salting tomatoes Cold gives you the opportunity to save even the slightest part of the benefits of vitamins summer, harvested for future use.

There are other ways to pickle tomato fruits without heat treatment and brine. There are recipes that can make sharp tomatoes (with mustard, horseradish or hot pepper) and sweet — with currant jam instead of vinegar. Even in this recipe if you wish, you can add sharpness, putting more garlic, slices of hot pepper or horseradish cubes.

It is essential to sterilize the jars and use only boiled water to fill. Otherwise, the tomatoes are sour, and the gulf, despite the presence of large amounts of salt and vinegar — the best natural preservatives.

Salting tomatoes cold-bank.

We will need these ingredients:
Tomatoes — 2 kg,
vinegar — 1 tablespoon,
salt — 3 tablespoons,
Sugar — 1 tablespoon,
Garlic — 1 clove,
Leaves horseradish, cherries or currants,
Dill — 1 umbrella.

The method of preparation is to pickle tomatoes cold-bank:

1 Sterilization of cans. This can be done by using a steam bath or thorough washing with soda cans. This measure is not excessive in cold salted.

2 Prepare the tomatoes. To do this, they need to be thoroughly washed, remove the stalk and in each tomato to make a small puncture (near the fruit stem growing space). This cold brine can penetrate the vegetables. Without a puncture tomato pickle fail.

3 At the bottom of the sheet is laid out with horseradish and dill umbrella. After that, the bank is filled with carefully tomatoes. Lay them should be the most dense, but so that they do not get crushed, do not choke and did not get damaged skins. It is desirable to put them in such a way that the puncture was facing straight up. Bank need to fill on a hanger — while periodically lay between tomato currant and cherry leaves and peeled garlic cloves.

4 Pour into a jar salt and sugar, pour the tomatoes in cold water (not tap water and bottled or boiled). The water then pour the vinegar and close the jar lid normal caproic. Store these tomatoes should be exclusively in the refrigerator.





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