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sandwich recipes

Croutons with goat cheese and figs

sandwich recipes

Cream 33% — 70 g
Goat cheese — 200 g
Sugar — 30 g
Fresh figs — 3 pcs.
White bread — 4 slices

Cream the shake, add goat cheese and gently mix.
Heat the sugar in the saucepan until it turns into a syrup and turns a dark yellow color.
Add the diced diced figs and fry them.
Sliced white bread bake in the oven or toaster from two sides to a crisp.
On the bread lay mousse from goat cheese and fried figs.
Goat cheese is produced from unpasteurized milk, which by definition makes it a very useful product.
In its usefulness, it is superior to traditional cow cheese, since goat’s milk is more saturated with vitamins and trace elements.
Cheese contains a large number of lactic acid bacteria, which are extremely healthy.
It is important to know that in goat cheese manufacturers can mix cow or sheep’s milk.
If you want to buy 100% goat cheese, please note: the label on the French language should have the inscription «pur chevres» (pure goat).


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