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Sandwich recipes.

Sandwich with smoked salmon and mascarpone cheese.

Sandwich recipes.

Cold smoked salmon (fillets) — 150 g
Artichoke bottoms in oil — 4 pcs.
Mini asparagus — 12 pieces.
Croissants — 4 pcs.
Frize Salad — 100 g
Chardly salad — 30 g
Lime juice — 10 ml
For sauce
Cucumber — 1 piece.
Sun-dried tomatoes — 15 g
Sweet pepper — 1/2 pcs.
Carrots in Korean — 50 g
Chives onion — 5 g
Mascarpone cheese — 200 g
Lime (peel) — 1 pc.

Cut the fillet of salmon into thin slices.
Cut artichoke bottoms into 4 parts.

Mini asparagus blanch in boiling salted water for 2 minutes.
Prepare the sauce. Peel the cucumber from the peel.

Sun-dried tomatoes, sweet pepper, cucumber, carrots in Korean and chive-onion finely chopped.
Mix the mascarpone cheese with sliced vegetables.

Add 30 ml of oil from artichokes and lime zest, pepper.
Croissants cut along and lightly bake in the oven.

Half the croissants grease the prepared sauce.
Salad leaves fill with lime juice.
Lay alternately on each croissant a mix of salad leaves, slices of smoked salmon, mini-asparagus, artichokes.

Sandwich recipes.


Greek casserole from courgettes.

The delicate zucchini from zucchini in Greek is an incredibly tasty, airy, juicy dish!

A very delicate zucchini from zucchini in my family has been prepared for several years exclusively by this recipe. I would even say that this casserole looks more like an air frittata, so tender and juicy it turns out. Preparing a casserole, like all Greek dishes, is very simple and easy.

Greek casserole from courgettes can become a dish for a festive table as a snack, but for a family dinner — a great option!

Prepare all the products for the casserole.


Zucchini — 400 g
Egg of chicken — 2 pcs.
Onion — 1 pc.
Cheese hard — 100 g
Cheese Feta — 100 g
Greek Yogurt — 120 g
Flour 150-200 g
Baking powder — 1,5 tsp.
Parsley — 10 g
Paprika sweet ground — 0,5 tsp.
Pepper black ground — to taste
Salt — to taste
Vegetable oil — 1 tbsp.

Step-by-step recipe

Onion peeled and cut into cubes.
Zucchini preferably use young, without seeds. If zucchini is not young, remove the seeds and remove the squash from the zucchini.

Cut the marrows in small cubes.
In a frying pan, heat the vegetable oil and put the onion and zucchini in the pan. Stew vegetables for 20 minutes over medium heat until all the liquid has evaporated and the squash will not soften.

In the meantime, prepare a fill. In a bowl, mix yoghurt, eggs and Feta cheese.
Add grated cheese on a medium grater, flour and baking powder.
Add all the spices: salt, black pepper and paprika.

Grind parsley and add to the bowl. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.
In a frying pan with fried courgettes and onions, pour the fill and mix well.

Form for baking grease with vegetable oil or cover with parchment. Put the squash in the fill in the mold and level it.

For beauty, you can cut one zucchini into thin circles and decorate them with the top of the casserole, as shown in the photo.

Send the form with the casserole to a preheated to 170 degrees C oven for 50 minutes.
The cabbage casserole is Greek ready. Tender, ruddy, juicy!

Allow the casserole to cool in the form of 15 minutes.
Then cut into portions and serve to the table. Bon Appetit!

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