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Sandwich with egg.

Sandwich with egg.

Sandwich with egg. Bacon and jalapeno.

Breakfast sandwich.

Crispy bacon, juicy tomato, hot pepper, cheese and egg … No, it’s not fast food advertising. It is a useful sandwich, which can be cooked very quickly and easily at home. Sandwich with egg.
Jalapeno — one of the varieties of hot chili peppers.


EGG 1 piece.
Bacon from Turkey 1 strip
HALAPEENO 1/2 pcs.
TOMATO 1 slice
KINZA 1 sprig
PEPPER to taste
OLIVE OIL slightly

Heat medium heat on a frying pan and fry the bacon until crisp.
Prepare toast from whole grain bread.

Lubricate the frying pan with olive oil, warm well and quickly prepare a glaze from one egg. Sprinkle top with pepper and grated cheese.
For one toast, put a thick slice of tomato, bacon, finely chopped jalapeno, egg, red onion rings and cilantro leaves. Close the top with a second toast. Morning home sandwich ready!



Breakfast for the lazy.

Lazy dumplings are the same dumplings, only sweet and acting solo. They are prepared no longer than any porridge and, unlike any porridge, they do not drive in the mornings their look of anguish. They can be served with your favorite jam, homemade marmalade, rustic sour cream or any syrup. And you can just pour melted butter — it will still be delicious.


Chicken Egg — 1 piece
Soft cottage cheese — 200 g
Wheat flour — 30 g
Sugar to taste
Salt to taste


Put the cottage cheese in a wide bowl, add the egg, sugar and flour and mix with a fork until smooth. If the mass is too sticky, add more flour, but not more than half a tablespoon.

Sprinkle a little flour on the table and put the curd mass. Divide into two equal parts and roll sausages of the same thickness from each.

Cut the sausages into small, identical slices with a sharp knife. If desired, you can slightly flatten then each piece and give it a rounded shape.

Bring the water to a boil in a small saucepan. Gently lower the dumplings into boiling water one by one. Cook, stirring slightly with a slotted spoon, until all the dumplings float to the surface, plus another minute.

Put the prepared dumplings from the pan onto plates and pour jam, for example, apricot. Serve them hot or warm.

Sandwich with egg.


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