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Sandwiches for breakfast.

Sandwiches for breakfast.

Recipe breakfast quick and tasty.

We know how to start the day properly, and therefore advises you to prepare delicious and nutritious plain sandwich for breakfast. Thoroughly refreshed in the morning with hot and delicious dish, you recharge your batteries, which is enough until dinner.

Sandwiches for breakfast can be done both cold and hot — in this case just awakened body will tell you «thank you» for the nice warm and tasty food. As stuffing offer to combine a choice of meat or fish with vegetables and herbs — simple, hearty and helpful.

Sandwiches for breakfast with mozzarella and smoked salmon — Ingredients:

• 2 slices of bread,
• 50g smoked salmon,
• 50 g mozzarella,
• Fresh herbs to taste,
• 1 h. Spoon of olive oil,
• 0,5 h. Spoon of honey,
• 0,5 h. Spoon soy sauce.

Sandwiches for breakfast with mozzarella and smoked salmon — Cooking:
Brush the slices of bread with olive oil and fry in the oven until crisp.
On each slice of laid out on a slice of mozzarella and salmon.
Grind herbs. Mix the soy sauce with honey, smear the mixture sandwiches, sprinkle herbs and serve sandwiches for breakfast.

Sandwiches for breakfast with vegetables and ham — Ingredients:

• 2 slices of bread,
• 100 g ham,
• 30 grams of cheese,
• 10 g butter,
• 1 tomato,
• 1 cucumber,
• greenery,
• ground black pepper to taste
• salt to taste.

Sandwiches for breakfast with ham and vegetables — cooking:
Cheese, ham and vegetables will cut into thin slices. Grind herbs.
Bread smear with butter, lay out ham, tomato, cucumber, salt and pepper. Top with cheese.
Bake the sandwiches in the oven until the cheese on top is not browns. Strewing herbs. Bring sandwiches for breakfast hot.


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