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Shaurma in pita bread

Recipe for homemade shawarma in pita bread

breakfast sandwich

In the filling of this shawarma you can add sweet Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, lettuce leaves, grated cheese to taste.


Thin pita bread 1 pc.
Chicken fillet1 breast
Pickled cucumber1 pcs.
Red onion1 pcs.
Kinzapo taste
Lemon juice1 tbsp. L.
Water3 tbsp. L.
Olive oil1 tbsp. L.
Curry 1 tsp.
Salt, pepper to taste
Garlic and spicy sauces to taste

breakfast sandwich

Cooking method:

We prepare marinade from lemon juice, water, salt, pepper and olive oil.

Thinly cut the small plates with chicken fillet and mix with the marinade. Leave for 15 minutes.

We cut red onions with ringlets, pickle cucumber, thin cilantro, thin slices.

Warm up with a minimum of oil frying pan and fry the fillets well. It must remain juicy inside.

In the pita bread, spread sauces, put onions, pickled cucumber, put out the ready meat on top. Mice pour sauces, sprinkle with herbs.

Fold tightly lavash and fry from both sides in a dry frying pan. We put the finished shawarma on a plate of plates. One end of shawarma can be greased with your favorite sauce.


Shaurma in pita bread



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