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simple fruit salad

Fruit salad

simple fruit salad

Just one of my favorite options for fruit salad. simple fruit salad.
Juicy, bright taste, with a delicate yoghurt dressing, supplemented with one secret ingredient.

Preparation: 15 m
Preparation: 5 m
Servings: 3 portions

simple fruit salad


Orange: 1 pc.
Mandarin: 1 pc.
Avocado: 1 pc.
Pear: 1 pc.
Apple: 1 pc.
Banana: 1 pc.
Kiwi: 1 pc.
Yogurt (I have natural): 200 gr.

simple fruit salad


1. Fruits are mine. Pear (preferably, it was ripe and sweet) cut into cubes. The apple is cleaned from the core and cut into cubes. Kiwi is peeled and cut into cubes.
2. Orange and tangerine, clean, cut, preferably without films. Avocado should be taken ripe and soft. If you did not buy a ripe avocado, then you can wrap it in parchment paper or newspaper and put it for a day or two, in a dark place. There he must mature and become soft. Banana cut and combine all fruits together.
3. We fill the salad with yogurt and mix. Yogurt, I usually take a natural. But you can take and taste, for example, strawberry or peach.
4. Let’s serve salad immediately.


simple fruit salad

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