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Simple salad recipes.

Salad «Beetroot with squid and cheese».

Simple salad recipes.

A very unusual salad that has a tender taste and a pleasant texture. Simple salad recipes.

Squids perfectly match with boiled beets, cheese and a small amount of garlic.

Preparation: 20 m
Preparation: 10 m
Servings: 3 — 4 servings

Beet: 1 pc.
Squids: — 1.5 medium carcass.
Garlic: 3 cloves.
Cheese: 80-100g.
Mayonnaise / sour cream: 50/50.
Salt: to taste.


1. We boil the beets and clean them. We rub on a large grater.
2. We rub the cheese on a large grater. Add to the beet. Then we pass garlic through the press and put it in the salad too.
3. Squids (I have peeled and frozen) boil.
At this moment, it’s worth to be careful, because if you dig up squid, they will become so «rubbery». It will be impossible to chew.
To boil squid, you need to boil water. Dip squids into boiling water for 2 minutes. Remove them, then cool down a little. You can add them to the salad, you can also take canned squid. Squid we cut straws. We put the rest of the ingredients.
4. We fill the salad with mayonnaise or sour cream, but it is better to mix both of them in the ratio 1: 1.
5. Mix the salad, salt to taste.

This salad should be served only in fresh form. After spending the night in the fridge, he completely loses all his taste.
At will we decorate the salad with herbs and serve it to the table. Bon Appetit!)


Simple salad recipes.

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