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Sticks «Tsukini fri»: for who is on a diet

Sticks «Tsukini fri»

Sticks «Tsukini fri»: for who is on a diet

Sticks «Tsukini fri»: Zucchini cooked according to this recipe will be eaten by everyone, including young children and large inoculum. With a fragrant appetizing crust, very tender inside and beg to take another slice. The ideal solution for recycling zucchini unusual for us, an excellent option for dieters, because the dish is quite low-calorie, as well as a useful side dish, the preparation of which will take very little time.

Preparation: 5 m
Preparation: 40 m
Servings: 3 portions

Sticks «Tsukini fri»: for who is on a diet



Zucchini (zucchini): 1 pc.
Breadcrumbs: 100 gr.
Sesame: 1 tsp.
Salt and black ground pepper: to taste.


Sticks «Tsukini fri»

1. Zucchini should be peeled and cut into sticks.
2. Add spices and salt to your chopsticks.
3. For breading, mix in a blender, to the state of crumb crackers and sesame, add a little salt. At this stage, you can vary the breadcrumbs, for example, adding cheese, crackers or various spices.
4. Spread the sticks on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. I did not lubricate.
5. Bake in a preheated oven at 180-200 C for 30-40 minutes. Readiness is checked individually, adjusting to the features of your oven.
The dish is served with sauce for your taste, such sticks are good, both hot and cold.


Sticks "Tsukini fri"

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