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Tallinn liqueur courtyard.

How to cook a recipe. Tallinn liqueur courtyard.

Liqueur at home recipes. Coffee Liqueur at home.

Tallinn liqueur courtyard. It turns out chocolate liqueur with the aroma and taste of coffee.
Occasion — the perfect drink!


2 tbsp. — Sugar (brown);
0.5 liters — vodka;
0.5 L — beer (unfiltered);
100g — dark chocolate (cocoa content 75%);
2 tbsp. l without slides — chicory powder;
1 h. L. — Natural coffee beans.

Tallinn liqueur courtyard.

The large capacity of the coupling beer with sugar — produced a lot of foam. Heated, stirring occasionally, until sugar is dissolved and the settling of foam (its remains can be removed with a spoon).

Pour pieces of chocolate, chicory, stirred to uniformity. Remove from the heat and add coffee. Close lid and leave until cool.
The first pour a liter bottle of liquor, and then vodka. Close and shake well. I put in a dark place for 12 days.

Tallinn liqueur courtyard.



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