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The basic recipe for jam.

The basic recipe for jam (master class)

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We will need these ingredients:
• 1,5 kg white granulated sugar
• 1.5 kg almost ripe stone fruit, such as apricots or peaches
• juice of 2 large lemons
• 350 ml of water

• jars with lids for conservation
• pan for cooking jam
• cooking thermometer
• funnel

Cooking method:
1 Sprinkle an even layer of sugar in a baking dish and put together with the banks in the lukewarm oven for preservation. Collect fruits, leaves from the stalks and clean, cut dents and stains. Divide the fruit in half and remove pits. Rinse under running water and pat dry with paper towels.
2 Perelozhitev pan for cooking jam prepared fruit, pour the lemon juice and water, let boil. Reduce fire and cook until vegetables are tender, stirring frequently.

The basic recipe for jam
3 Stir the warmed sugar, stirring dissolve. Increase Fire and boil for 10-15 minutes until the pour point — for kitchen thermometer 105 ° C. Remove from the heat and a teaspoon of jam on a cold saucer drip. Allow to cool and press down with your finger lake jam: If the jam is ready, he is by pressing wrinkle; If the jam is not yet ready, boil for 5 minutes and repeat the sample.
4 Cool the jam (10 minutes), remove the foam and pour gently through a funnel heated by banks.
5 Cover the lid of the jar or waxed paper discs soaked down and banks tighten cellophane and secure with rubber bands.

The basic recipe for jam.

The basic recipe for jam..

About the dish:

View slender rows of jars with homemade sweet conservation in the cabinet gives the mistress a special pleasure and the taste and aroma of home-made jams and marmalades not pale in comparison to the purchase.

Yield: about 2.25 kg
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Preparation time: 40 minutes
cooling time: 10 minutes

If before adding to the fruit sugar slightly warm, it will dissolve and become a clear syrup.

Gem heated to boiling until complete dissolution of the sugar. Check whether all the sugar is dissolved: a lot of stir fruit in syrup with a wooden spoon, lift it up and check — any remaining undissolved sugar crystals.

If the jam has already dispensed by the banks and at the same time does not freeze even after complete cooling, pour the contents of the jars in a pan, boil again, add the juice of one small lemon, another 5-10 minutes.



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