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The recipe for fried eggplant for the winter.

The recipe for fried eggplant for the winter.

Among the huge number of eggplant recipes for the winter, usually, each family has its own — individual. Our family is no exception. Therefore, I want to present you a very tasty fried eggplant, the recipe of which has been tested for years, so we can preserve them almost every year.

Fried eggplants are so good that they are, in any case, an excellent snack, and can also serve as a filling for pizza or for cooking unsweetened pastries, well, as one of the ingredients for a salad.

This recipe of preparation for the winter does not contain special difficulties in preparation, however I will give you a couple of tips. Vegetables for preservation must be the freshest, for the best, young and not too large.

The recipe for fried eggplant for the winter.

Consider how to cook fried eggplants for the winter.


For cooking fried eggplant we will need:
• About three kilograms of eggplant;
• Vegetable oil for frying;
• A couple tablespoons of salt;
• One tablespoon of dried garlic.

The recipe for fried eggplant for the winter.

How to cook fried eggplants for the winter:

1. To begin with, eggplant should be thoroughly washed. Cut the ends on both sides. Then, at your discretion, you can peel off or leave. I did both. But there is a third. Remove the cuticle by half. I assure you, each option is beautiful in its own way.

2. After that, about a centimeter, cut the vegetables across. Not too thin circles.

3. Now we’ll spread the cut aubergines into a large saucepan. Preferably layers. This is so that layer by layer we can salivate them. And leave the eggplants in a saucepan, about an hour, at room temperature. And during this time they need to be mixed a couple of times with your hands, so that the salt can evenly distribute.

4. When the eggplants stood for an hour, at the bottom they will definitely give juice. We simply pour out the juice. Together with the juice will go and bitterness.

5. Before frying slices of eggplant, it is necessary to get wet with a paper napkin or towel. Remove excess moisture from the vegetables.

6. The next step, we need a large frying pan. In it we pour vegetable oil. We are gently heating it to a high temperature. We begin to fry the eggplant. First, from one side, and then, turning them over, from the other to a beautiful ruddy color. But not letting them burn out.

7. Finished fried eggplants should be transferred to a dish, and while they cool down, we fry the next batch of eggplant circles, pre-pouring and warming the vegetable oil until all the frying.

8. Now we need a prepared sterilized cookware, prepared for canning for the winter (as a tip, I can tell you to use a half liter jar with a screwed lid). In them, layer by layer, lay out fried eggplants, pouring them with dried garlic. We put it very tightly so that there is no void left in the jars. It is not necessary to pour oil into the cans, as it is abundant in the eggplants themselves.

9. And in the end, we need to sterilize eggplant in jars. To do this, cover the jars, but do not twist to the end (and if you want to roll up the key, then just cover). Prosteliv with several layers of tissue the bottom of a large pot, put the jars with eggplants, put cold water, put on the fire and bring to a boil. After that, we reduce the fire and make the water barely boiling, we sterilize 10 minutes in boiling water.

10. It remains to get the cans while they are hot and wrap the lids already tightly (or roll with a key, if this is your method of conservation). And now, you need to turn the jars upside down, wrap them in something dense, for example a blanket, and in this position, let it cool completely. You can store them in the basement or in the storeroom.

I guarantee, fragrant fried eggplants for the winter will perfectly fit into the menu on any kind of feast. And not only in the winter period of time. But at any other time of the year, when you want.


The recipe for fried eggplant for the winter.

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