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Traditional chicken salad recipes.

Salad of buckwheat with smoked chicken and tomatoes.

Traditional chicken salad recipes.

We prepare a buckwheat salad with smoked chicken!

Preparation — 15 minutes
Preparation — 15 minutes
Recipe for: 2 persons


chicken drumsticks smoked — 2 pcs.
cherry tomatoes — 12 pcs.
buckwheat — 100 g
ruk-100 g
celery stems — 1 pc.
onion red — ½ pc.
Parmesan — 20 g

lime — ½ pcs.
chili pepper — ½ pcs.
garlic — 2 cloves
soy sauce — 1 tbsp. l.
olive oil — 1 tbsp. l.
sesame oil — 1 tsp.
honey liquid — 1 tsp.
black pepper freshly ground — 1 pinch

Buckwheat pour twice with a large volume of water and boil until cooked.

With chicken legs cut the meat and finely chop it.
Cherry tomatoes cut in half (if they are large, then in 4 parts).
Peel onion and cut along eight lobules.
Celery thinly cut across.

Put the rucola, add tomatoes, chicken, onions, celery and buckwheat. Garlic clean and chop.

Prepare a dressing: combine olive and sesame oil, soy sauce, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of lime juice and honey. Add the garlic, chili and freshly ground pepper. Mix everything.
Pour the salad dressing and stir. Parmesan cut into thin flakes (you can use vegetable peelings). Sprinkle the salad.
Bon Appetit!


Traditional chicken salad recipes.

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