vegetable salad

Salad with Peking cabbage «Spring»

vegetable salad

Very fresh and juicy!

Peking cabbage — 250 grams;
Eggs — 3 pieces;
A medium-sized cucumber — 2 pieces;
Canned green peas — 250 grams;
Sour cream — 3-4 tablespoons;
Greens of dill — 4-5 branches;
Salt, black ground pepper — to taste.

vegetable salad

Cooking process

Of the simplest foods that I think will be found in every refrigerator, in a matter of minutes you can prepare a tasty and satisfying salad, for example, for dinner.

Chicken eggs can be replaced with quail eggs, and sour cream mayonnaise.

Prepare all the necessary products.
Eggs boil hard, cool in cold water, peel off the shell and cut into cubes.
Cucumbers and greens thoroughly wash, dry.
Cucumbers cut into strips.
Greens dill finely chop.
Cut the Chinese cabbage thinly.
With canned peas, drain the liquid.
Combine in a salad bowl of cabbage, eggs, cucumbers, peas and greens.
Add sour cream, salt and black ground pepper.
Stir and serve the salad on the table.
We prepare a salad of Peking cabbage with cucumber, peas and egg. Bon appetit!



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