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zucchini appetizers

Appetizer from zucchini with tomatoes and cottage cheese

zucchini appetizers
Zucchini (or young zucchini) — 1 kg
Olive oil — 70 ml
Garlic — 10 denticles
Rosemary — 30 g
Home-made curd — 350 g
Cilantro and parsley — 50 g
Natural yogurt — 50 g
Narsharab sauce — 50 ml
Salt pepper

For salad
Tomatoes — 800 g
Onion red — 1-2 pcs.
Garlic — 2 cloves
Cilantro — 20 g
Olive oil — 30 ml
Salt pepper

Young zucchini cut along thin layers and marinate in a mixture of half of olive oil, half chopped garlic and minced rosemary (10-15 minutes).
Then zucchini slightly fry in a heated frying pan or grill in the oil in which they marinated.
Fried zucchini to cool.
Cottage cheese to mix with the remained chopped garlic, leaves of coriander and parsley, a small amount of natural yogurt, salt and pepper. In the fried zucchini wrap cottage cheese (in the form of rolls) and put them in the refrigerator.
For salad tomatoes should be lowered for 1 minute into boiling water, then into cold water and peeled.
Cut the peeled tomatoes into small cubes, add to them
Peeled red onion, a little chopped garlic, cilantro leaves, salt, pepper and season with olive oil.
Put tomato salad on the plates, on top of it — chilled rolls of courgettes with cottage cheese.
Pour sauce narsharab, sprinkle with pepper, decorate with twigs of cilantro
And sprinkle with olive oil.


zucchini appetizers

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