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Baked chicken with vegetables.

Baked chicken with vegetables.

Baked chicken with vegetables.

A great option for a hearty dinner for two. Baked chicken with vegetables.
This dish, like a chicken with grilled vegetables, fits perfectly into the philosophy of proper nutrition. The combination of protein and vegetables is an important part of the human diet, because the chicken meat is rich in trace elements, which are so necessary for our body in the cold season. And given that the dish has a rich taste, a delicate aroma and is very easy to prepare, it can be called a real classic of home cooking.

COOKING TIME: 60 minutes
NUMBER OF PORTS: 2 portions
CALORIUM: 745 kcal


Chicken (chilled chicken) 1 pc.
Eggplant 1 pc.
Zucchini 1 pc.
Bulgarian pepper (red) 1 pc.
Parsley 5 g
Oil (olive) 50 ml
Spices (dried herbs) to taste
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste.

Baked chicken with vegetables.

Thoroughly rinse and slice vegetables: aubergine and zucchini rings, and the Bulgarian pepper with large bars. Mix everything, add salt and pepper to taste, and then fry in a pan on medium heat without oil for 5 minutes.

Prepare the chicken sauce: add olive oil, salt, pepper and your favorite spices or dried herbs and mix thoroughly.

Divide the chicken into four parts (two wings and two legs). Each part dip into the finished sauce on both sides and lay it on the pan, covering it with a lid. Fry the meat over medium heat on both sides until a crispy golden crust is formed.

Lay the grilled vegetables on a plate, and lay the fried pieces of meat on top. Decorate with a sprig of parsley and serve to the table. Bon Appetit!


Baked chicken


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